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5 tips to improve your Golf game.

Posted by Nicholas Sagona on

The Tidy Golfer


Golf is a difficult sport to master. One day everything's going right and the next you can't putt to save your life. We feel your pain, we get it. Here are some key tips that can help any golfer improve their game.

  1. Spend more time putting. Its important to develop a routine for putting. Go to youtube and check out some drills you can practice at the range. Its not important which ones you do, just make sure to stay consistent and practice.
  2. Identify your weakness. Whatever your weaknesses are its important to work on them for your overall game to improve. If you have trouble chipping then spend more time at the range working on chipping. Look up drills that you can add to your practice time at the range. Be efficient! 
  3. Always aim for a target. When your at the range don't just go and hit balls. Aim for certain markers, make a game of it. See how many in a row you can get close to the 100 yard marker, then move on to further ones. This will improve your accuracy.
  4. Have a solid stance. Make sure you are comfortable and balanced when you swing. If you are falling all over the place when your swinging its time to go back to the drawing board and work on the fundamentals of a proper swing.
  5. Practice, practice and more practice. Make every shot count, at the range and at the course. The more you practice, the more reps and swings you take the better you will get. You think these pro's got so good because they were lucky? NO WAY. They work and work to improve everyday. 

Now we aren't telling you to quit your day job and practice golf all the time. But we also aren't telling you to not quit your day job and practice all the time. Hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any tips you would like to share just add them to the comment section below. We encourage people to and would appreciate it!



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  • Blake Mainville on

    Will try to remember these when I get away from this snow next week.

  • CHris s on

    This is gonna be a big weekend at the range! Thanks tidy golfer for the tips

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