About Us

Hello friends,
The purpose of this About us is to introduce you to the Tidy Golfer Golf Iron and Ball cleaner along with the Co- Founders of Tidy Golfer LLC. Based out of Brooklyn, NY, U.S.A
About the Tidy Golfer
Here is some background on how Tidy Golfer was created. The goals of the Tidy Golfer were to create a product that is made of high quality materials and also has great functionality. The Tidy Golfer was meticulously made and tested for several months before it got to the product it is today. It’s patent pending technology Scrubs Irons and Ball, cleaning them in just seconds. Making it possible to clean you’re irons after every shot quickly and efficiently. The Tidy Golfer keeps the dirt on the inside, which means no more carrying around dirty towels and brushes. It‘s also machine washable making cleaning a breeze.  The objective of the Tidy Golfer is to save you time and make your life easier; it pays for itself in no time just from the value it brings you on the course. Everyone who has used it has loved it, its time you gave it a try for yourself.
Our goal is to get a Tidy Golfer on every golf bag and won’t quit until we do! Receiving all the positive comments and emails has been great and we plan on continuing our success day to day. We pride ourselves on being assessable so if you have any questions feel free to E-mail us at Tidygolfer@gmail.com anytime.
Thank you for reading our about us and have a Tidy day!
Contact Us by email at tidygolfer@gmail.com for any inquiries or technical support.
If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product and get a full refund or exchange the product for another one, be it similar or not.

You can return a product for up to 30 days from the date you purchased it.

Any product you return must be in the same condition you received it and in the original packaging. Please keep the receipt.