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Tidy Golfer Infomercial

The most innovative Golf Iron and Ball cleaner on the market!




"Excellent addition to my golf bag, does what it says and clubs are clean and shiny."

Paul Harris

 "It's great , best thing I've purchased for my clubs and golf balls no need for a towel brilliant mate"

- Stephen Dykes

 "I love the convenience of tidy golfer attached to my bag. I can clean my club and ball anywhere with ease. I also like using it on my irons especially because it doesn't leave scratches like the steel brushes do"

-Dominick Fortunate

"A great addition to any golf bag. No mess, easy to use. A lot better than trying to find a clean piece of golf towel."
Lisa Edwards
"My Tidy Golfer is great, I have been using it regularly."

- Michael Nezri




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