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Tidy Golfer

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The Tidy Golfer is the Most Innovative Golf Iron & Ball cleaner on the market! The Patent Pending Technology scrubs deep into Irons giving you the opportunity to clean your Irons quickly and efficiently on the course. Made out of a High quality Neoprene Material , The Tidy Golfers inside stays wet for hours while the outside stays nice and dry. Also made with Microfiber material to wipe both Iron and Balls clean after scrubbing. 


  • Cleans BOTH Golf Irons and Balls.
  • Able to clean after every shot.
  • Compact and easy to use, stays out of way till needed. 
  • No more dirty towel hanging from your bag.
  • Clips on to Golf bag or Belt Loop.
  • Just add a small amount of water into top section and massage evenly throughout. 
  • Machine washable.


Made in U.S.A 


All orders ship out within 2 business days