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Tidy Golfer - Golf Iron & Ball Cleaner

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The Tidy Golfer is the best & most innovative Golf Iron & Ball cleaner on the market! It works by scrubbing deep into Irons grooves and Golf balls giving you the opportunity to clean your equipment quickly and efficiently on the course. Made out of a High quality Neoprene Material , The Tidy Golfers inside stays wet for hours while the outside stays nice and dry. Also made with Microfiber material to wipe both Iron and Balls clean after scrubbing. 

  • Cleans BOTH Golf Irons and Balls.

  • Compact and easy to use, stays out of way until needed. 

  • No more dirty/wet towel hanging from your bag. 

  • Clips on to Golf bag or Belt Loop.

  • Just add a small amount of water into top section and massage evenly throughout.

  • Keeping your Iron grooves & Golf balls clean is best way to get the most out of your game and prolong the life of your equipment. 

  • Machine washable.



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The Tidy Golfer is manufactured in New York, USA