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Golf Ball and Clubs Cleaner

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Tidy Golfer Golf Ball and Golf Clubs Cleaner - Portable Golf Ball Washer with Carabineer Clip - Waterproof and Washable Golf Pouch Cleaner - Reusable Golf Club and Ball Cleaner for Golf Lover.

Clean golf balls and irons increase accuracy and eventually improve your score because now you are sure your ball rolls straight and flies true. The patent pending technology golf ball cleaner pouch scrubs deep into irons giving you the opportunity to clean your Irons quickly and efficiently on the course. Towels get dried out, misplaced, lost and they are bulky to use. Tidy Golfer portable golf ball cleaner has a large cleaning area and you will be surprised how good a cleaning job it can perform. Golf iron cleaner is made of durable waterproof material, the Tidy Golfer pouch cleaner stays wet on the inside and dries on the outside while fitting comfortably in your pocket the whole round. It cleans both golf irons and golf balls. Golf pocket ball washer is able to clean after every shot. Compact and easy to use handbag ball cleaner, stays out of the way till needed.

Never be caught with a dirty ball because of broken washer balls on the course again. Just slip your golf ball into the Tidy Golfer, rub it around the microfiber lining, and you have a clean ball ready for your next shot. The Golf ball pouch can clip on to golf bag or belt loop. Just add a small amount of water into the top section and massage evenly throughout. Practical and convenient golf accessories are a great choice for golf lovers. It makes a wonderful gift for Father's Day, Mother's Day, etc.

Features :

  • Keeps inside wet, outside dry for convenient usage of golf ball washer for home

  • With loop tag attaching to a carabiner for carrying and hanging purpose

  • Your pocket stays dry with the golf pouch

  • Cleans golf clubs during play, washable and reusable

  • The golf ball cleaners allow you to clean your golf balls on the go

  • Lightly wet the microfiber liner and you are ready to go

Specifications :

  • Material: Neoprene & Microfiber