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The Importance of Clean Golf Balls & Irons.

Posted by Nicholas Sagona on

We've all been guilty of ignoring our golf irons and ball now and then, but failing to clean them regularly may have a significant influence on your game, sometimes adding three or four strokes to your round.

A happy golf iron is one that is clean. A club face that is clean—free of mud, dirt, grass, and other debris—is significantly more effective than one that is filthy, according to the world's greatest golf teachers. In contrast, if your golf iron's grooves are clogged with dirt, sand, and other debris, your ability to strike a well-controlled shot would be greatly hampered. In this post, we'll dive into this issue, starting with the importance of getting clean golf irons, and then suggest to you the most efficient, time-saving, and cheapest way to clean your golf irons and balls 

Is it been a while since you actually cleaned your golf irons? Did you really clean them? Not just a quick "wipe-off" using your golf towel after making a giant divot in the grass, but thoroughly clean those irons. If it's been a while, those filthy irons are probably still doing havoc on your game.

A good set of golf irons or a golf ball is a significant financial investment as well as a significant investment in your golf game. So if you’re making investments to buy these irons, why not take care of them so that they last longer and help you to unveil your maximum potential for the game! You must take the time to properly care for your golf equipment on a regular basis. Clean irons are incredibly important in terms of your golf game, in addition to their personal value. Unfortunately, many golfers fail to see the link between clean golf irons and sharper spin of shots, however, the reality is that grass, dirt, and other debris that can get lodged in the grooves of your club face defeat the purpose of those grooves and, as a result, contribute to poor shot quality.

So, why is it so important to keep your balls and irons' grooves clean? The grooves on your irons act like tire treads on a car when they're clean and free of crusty dirt. The grooves operate similarly to tire treads in that they force fluids, dirt, and even air away from the iron's contact surface, allowing you to make cleaner strokes that are unaffected by the aforementioned components.

Grooves that are clean will perform a better job of "biting" into the ball. This biting motion, which is triggered by the grooves on the irons, may add anywhere from 3,600 to 6,000 RPM of spin. This spin offers the ball greater stability as it flies towards the goal and provides a superior aerodynamic lift for better strokes. If you watch professional players, you’ve probably seen a ball that lands on the green and then backs up. This is because of the spin applied by the golfer who made the shot—a spin that would be impossible to achieve if the club face didn't have clean grooves.

A dirty, un cleaned golf ball can have an impact on a variety of aspects of the game. It has an impact on the role of ball on the green, flight in the air, and club contact. When you're in the air, you won't be able to predict whether the ball will travel straight, left, or right. At the very least, if you clean the ball and it still deviates in the air, you'll know it wasn't the ball's cleanliness that caused the problem.

The dimples on a golf ball are meant to allow the ball to fly through the air with little resistance; but, when one or more of these dimples becomes filthy, the ball's flight will be affected, and there is no way to guarantee the ball's flight and length. When putting, if the ball is unclean, it may divert from its intended path.

Now that you know how important it is to keep your golf irons and ball clean, how to actually clean them? The Tidy Golfer, Golf Iron & Ball Cleaner. Its an easy-to-use, budget-friendly, handy, compact device to clean your irons and ball efficiently and in a shorter time on the course. The Tidy Golfer cleaner is the most innovative and efficient golf iron and ball cleaner on the market today. It is a little device that you can easily attach to your golf bag or belt loop. The Tidy Golfers cleaners are made of high-quality neoprene and microfiber material to wipe both irons and balls lean after scrubbing to thoroughly clean. The Tidy Golfer cleaners stay wet inside for hours, while the outside remains completely nice and dry. The fun part is you can also get it customized with your name or/and logo on the Tidy Golfer Monogrammed device! 

So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself with a worthy, little investment to improve your game and keep your irons and balls long-lasting. No more dirty, wet towel hanging from your bag, just a compact device, and there you go! 



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